Monday, 14 March 2016

Problem solving in Measurement

Today we had a problem to solve using our knowledge about measuring length. Mrs Trembath gave us only a little bit of help because she wanted to see what we could do by ourselves! 
The problem:
What does a metre look like? In everyday life we do not always have a metre ruler handy so we use a smaller ruler 30cm long and add measurements together. I wonder who can do that?
Take an A4 piece of paper and cut it into strips. Make a strip that you estimate to be a metre long by taping it together. How are you going to check it is a metre long?

Nathan and Carter worked very carefully to check their metre.

Not only did the children have to use measuring skills but the ability to estimate and add in tens. Many wrote or drew their workings and strategies down too. Some children were surprised by how long or short a metre was. Great mathmatical thinking today everyone!

Perhaps you can use rulers or measuring tapes at home to measure and record your results. Think about how many centimetres are in a metre! How do you write metre and centimetre?

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  1. Fantastic thing in Maths Room 20. I was watching some of your measuring when I walked past. It looked like a lot of fun (and learning).