Sunday, 30 October 2016

Potting on our Trees for Survival

Today Room 20 had an important job to do. It was our 7th Enviro Day for the year with Mrs Daniel & the seedlings the school has been growing for the Trees For Survival programme were ready to be transferred into bigger containers. Linda from Auckland City Council came to show us what to do.

Everyone took turns filling bags with potting mix, taking seedlings from the root trainers and tucking them in tight. We used our maths skills to work out  how many seedlings we had potted on; 133 after an hour and a half of hard work! Well done us!

In 6 months, with lots of care, our plants will be ready to be planted out into the  community. They'll be homes for birds and insects.

Olivia said, "We had to get our hands dirty and i had fun choosing my plant."

Dean wanted to plant all day. He said it was hard to work if it was a weed or not.

Sienna liked potting on because it was messy fun.

2016 Sports Day at Sunnyhills! The weather behaved and we all had a super day!

8 year olds lining up!

7 year olds lining up!

So glad you have remembered your hats!

Ready to jump, run and try our best!

Such energy girls!

At the end of the day there were finals for all of the sprint races and there were lots of Room 20 children in those races! Fantastic fitness and such a great mindset for competitive racing today!

Hoiho is Mrs Trembath's House and we all cheered our loudest! The Senior relays were so exciting to watch. I know there were nervous runners out there.

Hoiho Senior Girls came 1st and we were so proud!

The boys' relay was very competitive and Hoiho came 3rd - well done boys for stepping up to represent us, I know you practiced a lot during the days leading up to the Sports Day.

Room 20 really enjoyed their day - they were excited and energised. Congratulations to you all for being great sports people and encouraging each other at all times!

Friday, 28 October 2016

Zoo Maths - thanks to Mrs Madden!

Hippo Maths - October 2016

Photographer William Warby snapped these 2 kissing hippos at the Whipsnade Zoo in England. Actually, it's hard to tell whether they're playing, kissing, or just shoving each other out of the way. Hippo is short for "hippopotamus,' which means "river horse."

These round, grey lumps are the 3rd largest land mammal, after the elephant and the white rhinoceros. The funny thing is, their closest cousins are another set of chubby mammals: whales and dolphins! Well, hippos love water just like they do, and it looks like they love to play, too.

1 : Hippos need to breathe every 3 minutes. If a hippo swims for 3 minutes, comes up for 1 minute, then goes under for 3, how many minutes does that take?  
Bonus: If it keeps up that pattern, is the hippo swimming or breathing at 10 minutes?
Extension : A hippo can live until 45 years. If a hippo's grandchildren are all ages that divide neatly into 45, with 1 hippo of each age, at least how many grandchildren must it have?

Post your answers on the blog below in the Comment box! Don't forget to leave your first name so we know who left the comment!

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Happy Divali to all!

Did you notice we have changed our wall paper?
There is a Rangoli pattern there now. Do you know what that is?
Where would you find one at this time of year?
They are very beautiful and are part of the Divali celebrations some Sunnyhills' School families will be taking part in this weekend.
We are going to make some Rangoli patterns of our own in the next week - they will beautify our classroom!

Adaptation and Animals

Room 20's Inquiry this term is based on Adaptation and Animals. We visited the Auckland Zoo last week. We have been learning to skim and scan through books and the Auckland Zoo web site for information. We are gathering the information to plan and write a report on our findings.
We have made camouflaged skinks in painting and collage.

Watch this space for the next step in our Inquiry!

A busy start to Term 4 in Room 20

Room 20 have had a busy first 2 weeks at school! Badminton Auckland sent Kevin to teach us the skills of this indoor sport. We really enjoyed learning this sport. 

Our recycled plastic bottles from Term 3 are turning out to be great strawberry plant holders. The rain is not making them too soggy as they are hanging up and not on the ground.