Sunday, 30 October 2016

2016 Sports Day at Sunnyhills! The weather behaved and we all had a super day!

8 year olds lining up!

7 year olds lining up!

So glad you have remembered your hats!

Ready to jump, run and try our best!

Such energy girls!

At the end of the day there were finals for all of the sprint races and there were lots of Room 20 children in those races! Fantastic fitness and such a great mindset for competitive racing today!

Hoiho is Mrs Trembath's House and we all cheered our loudest! The Senior relays were so exciting to watch. I know there were nervous runners out there.

Hoiho Senior Girls came 1st and we were so proud!

The boys' relay was very competitive and Hoiho came 3rd - well done boys for stepping up to represent us, I know you practiced a lot during the days leading up to the Sports Day.

Room 20 really enjoyed their day - they were excited and energised. Congratulations to you all for being great sports people and encouraging each other at all times!


  1. You must be very fit Room 20! The Junior School's Athletics Day is coming up soon, I wonder if we will be as fast as you guys! Go Room 20!!
    From Mrs Burge