Tuesday, 2 August 2016

ASB Get Wise Programme Visits Room 20 today!

Serena from GetWise came to school to teach us about how to save our money and keep our money safe. Where does money sit? What is an eftpos card? Whose money is it? What is a credit card and where does the money come from? What is 'borrowing' ?
Each team earned $100 for doing jobs. They put the money in the Bank. Haden, Nathan and Ali went shopping with $100. How will they spend their money? How to look for a best price?

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  1. Hi Room 20. We had Julian yesterday too. We learnt a lot about money. Our favourite part was when Julian told us the fish story about Needs and Wants. He made us laugh when he became the Superhero!!!
    It was lots of fun!
    From Room 13