Friday, 9 September 2016

Super students in Room 20 this week!

Congratulations to all our children Chloe and Rosie for great learning in class! Hamish for winning a voucher for his family's huffnpuff donation to school and... 
Joshua and Carter who are part of our Year 3 gymnastics team who were placed very highly, 3rd, at the Howick Pakuranga Gym Competition and then took part in the Auckland Regional Gym Competition at Tristar Gymnastics!! We are so proud of our classmates! 
You just never know what you are going to achieve until you try! 

Thank you to our families who support us by driving us to events, take time out of their day to help us raise funds, help us with our home learning and getting us to school early for practices! 


  1. Wow! Room 20 you have worked so hard! Maybe when we are in Year 3 we will do gymnastics too!
    From Room 13

  2. Wow great job Room 20! Lots of certificates for your class ;)
    Great job Chloe and Rosie for focusing in class time! Great work Room 20 you rock!
    Carol ♥ Room 5

  3. Thank you for a great opportunity to Joshua. He is now confident to try something new. Well done.