Thursday, 15 September 2016

Where are we on our Enviro journey?

Mrs Daniel visited today. She was so impressed with all the wonderful planting & reusing for wearable arts, we've been doing, as part of our 3R's topic. She also said the worms we've been looking after are thriving. Room 20 are Enviro stars!

As part of our enviro day we visted the new sculptures that have been made using recycled materials. They're awesome! We also tied up the peas in the edible garden and weeded the seedlings in the shade house.

We're looking forward to eating some of our crops next term.


  1. Room 20 you are indeed Enviro Stars! Room 24 also loved the minions, they really brighten up Tree Island and are a wonderful example of re-using. Well done for looking after the worm bin. I'm sure the worms appreciate the TLC you give them!

  2. We would love to taste your yummy crops next year.
    From Room 13

  3. Hi Room 20, I would like to taste your yummy peas and crops. By Alan.