Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Mr Raynor visits our school

Today we were treated to a visit from Mr Raynor from the Auckland Museum. He is a Curator there. Do you know what that is? He talked about New Zealand animals and in particular the Kiwi, Moa, Haast Eagle and Albatross.

Mr Raynor shows us a Moa leg bone - wow look how long it is compared to Mr Raynor's leg!

Here is Kobi holding a Haast Eagle skull. It is a copy of a real one. The curators at the Museum scan a real one and make a 3D model so we can hold and study it.

Sophie is carrying a replica of a Haast Eagle's talon. These Eagles hunted the Moa in the South Island of New Zealand. The Moa and Haast Eagle are now extinct. 

We are writing reports on Mr Raynor's talk in class. We are using all of our writing skills that we have learned during the year. We hope to share them with you too.

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