Thursday, 24 November 2016


Oh the places we have been!

Today we did a Group Breakout and it was an exciting challenge! Today we solved the Dr.Seuss Breakout.

A Breakout involves a lockbox with 4 different kinds of padlocks attached to it. The challenge is to use clues around the room to solve the problems also around the room and then use the answers to work out the numbers or letters on the padlocks.

Each small group had to take turns and use a recording sheet to save their answers but not tell the other groups what they had found out!

Some of the clues were hidden in text from Dr. Seuss books and you know how topsy turvy those stories are! One text had directions in it and these when put into the correct order unlocked a Directionality Lock. A special torch that picked up invisible ink solved a puzzle but needed another clue to solve a 4 digit number.

Each group had 2 minutes to try their solution on a lock and then another group had a try.

A code also had to be found in another small lockbox but groups had to figure out the numbers hidden on 3 plane tickets first.

We had 40 minutes to see if we could complete the challenge but we did it in 50 minutes so next time now that we understand the process we will try to improve our time.

Congratulations Room 20 - Mrs Trembath is so impressed with the way everyone worked as a team and shared their thinking. We all had to think outside the box and try and try again!

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